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What are the demands for listing an ICO on an exchange?

Why the project needs the money raised during ICO? We have designed all the phases of the development of the project ahead of time. Our main objective is so you can get our crypto currency authorized by regulators and ensure its protected storage. Our platform is going to launch with a stable crypto currency being popular, accepted and also incorporated into everyday life. If we manage to launch this specific crypto currency, it will help attract financial institutions and institutional investors to our platform.

You ought to also think about the security of a platform when it comes to picking a broker. Make sure that your agent is storing your cryptocurrencies in a cold wallet which they’re not exposing you too many security risks. How Technical Expertise Affects Listing Platforms. A technical expert is someone who is familiar with how the underlying technological innovation of an ecosystem works. The right way in which a listing platform builds their data feeds and interfaces affects a lot of users.

This’s why several ICOs were listed on platforms with a bad technical foundation. As these platforms are built in addition to badly created software, the integrity of their data feeds and bodily capabilities are compromised. Just what are some of the principle roles of an ICO rating agency? They present an objective view of the job by using their information and experience to examine the project’s white papers, team, technical platform, and other elements of the project.

Additionally they assure that the staff is reputable by checking the team members’ past work along with historical past. security and Reliability. Reliability is not only about developing a technical foundation, but also around the way in which they manage information after it’s received. After all, it’s not good in case your listing platform just isn’t reliable. Can I use for being mentioned in multiple countries? We can show you in only one country for right now.

Nevertheless, in case we believe that this country is not ideal for you, you can always change the country of yours on the profile of yours. Can it be likely to buy listed companies via CryptoHousing? Of course, there is the possibility to purchase EPC tokens on the company’s ICO launch date at a higher price than the original ICO price. For more details, see-the section How you can buy EPC. Will I be listed on this particular list, when I finish my investment?

Sure, after the conclusion of ICO campaign you are going to receive the “White List” status, and your logo and information is going to be listed on the real estate crowdfunding platform. Is Binance required to do KYC checks? Sure, Binance was directed the following concern on reddit: Are you expected to do KYC checks? I understand you are a regulated Chinese exchange and also many have interpreted to suggest that you are required to. Is this correct?

Are there any chances being cognizant of during the venture? Of course, there’s issues. The industry for blockchain and cryptocurrencies is pretty unpredictable. It’s too early to tell whether the task is able to make the desired end results inside the forecasted time. In spite of this risk, we made a decision to go ahead and launch the project. The worst thing can happen is we fail, while the best is the fact that we launch our platform successfully and obtain a large target audience of customers, real estate managers and investors.

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